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Academic Bridge Programme

Academic Bridge Programme (for VOCLET Students)

An Academic Bridge Programme for the newly admitted Vocational Students in the 3rd. Semester Classes is an education programme specifically designed to assist a student to attain initial educational level in some of the subjects covering main areas of curriculum for 1st. & 2nd Semesters.

The subjects of study are mainly

  • Mathematics
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Strength of Materials
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • Computer Application.

The programme will commence after the admission and the class hours will be from 4-15 p.m. to 6-00 p.m. daily during Monday to Friday and from 1-00 p.m. to 2-00 p.m. on every Saturdays.

The duration of ABP will be for one month.

All the faculty members are dedicated to providing knowledge in their theoretical subjects (in 1st & 2nd Semester classes) that meets the needs of our students and helps them to achieve future success in their courses and professional field.

No extra fees will be paid during the ABP by the students.

By attending Bridge Programme by the VOCLET Students they will be motivated to attend their regular classes in the 3rd. Semester.

Students are expected to enter the ABP voluntarily and to fully understand that it is a program intended to improve their academic skills and to help them identify their educational goals.