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Following Laboratories have been set up as per WBSCTVESD curriculum

Equipped with sophisticated equipments to accommodate thirty students at a time. Spacious as per AICTE norms with working facilities of good number of students at a time. Well lighted & multiple sets of instruments & equipments as per WBSCTVESD syllabus. Scope for developing skill with the guidance of experienced faculty Members & technical assistants. All systems are connected to central server by LAN.

Details of Laboratories

Central Workshop

1) Electrical Workshop, 2) Electronics Workshop, 3) Fitting Workshop, 4) Carpentry Workshop 5) Welding Workshop & 6) Machine Shop

Department of Science & Humanities

1) Physics Laboratory,  2) Chemistry Laboratory, 3) Language Laboratory

Department of Civil Engineering

1) Geotechnical Engineering Lab, 2) Water Supply Engineering & Sanitary Engineering Lab, 3) Concrete & Road Material Testing Lab, 4) Applied Mechanics Lab, 5) Hydraulics Lab, 6) Bitumen & Non destructive Testing Lab, 7) Application of CAD in Civil Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

1) Applied Mechanics Lab/Advanced Strength of Material Lab , 2) Heat Power Lab/ Thermal Engineering Practical, 3) Fluid Mechanics Lab, 4) Engineering Metrology Lab, 5) Automobile Lab, 6) Machine Shop, 7) Fitting Shop, 8) Carpentry Shop, 9) Foundry Shop, 10) Pattern Shop, 11) Welding Shop

Department of Electrical Engineering

1) Electrical Machine Lab I & II, 2) Electrical Measurement and control Lab, 3) Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instruments, 4) Transmission & Distribution Power Lab, 5) Industrial Electronics Lab, 6) Electrical Workshop-I & II, 7) Non-Conventional Energy Resources Lab, 8) Switch Gear Protection Lab, 9) Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab

Department of Electronics & Tele-communication Engineering

1) Consumer Electronics Lab, 2) Electronics Measurement Lab, 3) Communication Engineering Lab-I, 4) Communication Engineering Lab-II, 5) Communication Engineering Lab-I II, 6) Digital Electronics Lab, 7) Microprocessor Lab, 8) Microcontroller & Embedded System Lab, 9) Analog Electronics Lab, 10) Analog Electronics Lab- II, 11) Network Analysis Lab, 12) Industrial Electronics Lab-I, 13) Industrial Electronics Lab-II, 14) Basic Electronics Lab, 15) PCB Lab, 16) Instrumentation & Control Lab, 17) Industrial Project Lab 

Department of Computer Science & Technology

3 (Three numbers) Computer Labs

Department of Survey Engineering

Survey Store, 1 (one number) Computer Lab

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Laboratory:

Students can access various Lectures of NPTEL for clearing their concepts in concerned courses in the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Laboratory in which the Videos of Lectures and e-Books of NPTEL / others covering almost full syllabus of the programmes.

Objectives of ICT laboratory:

  •  To provide user friendly access to the e-Course materials
  •  To access video lectures by experts in the field of Science & Engineering
  •  To encourage students for self learning
  •  To improve teaching skills of faculty

Language laboratory:

Language Laboratory with ODLL (Orell Digital Language Lab) is Language learning Software availed by 1st year students to enhance their listening skills, writing skills and reading skills.

Objectives of Language Laboratory:

  •  To have a good command of the language for communication purposes with clarity and accuracy
  •  To enrich the language learning experiences
  •  Useful for assessing students' speech
  •  The electronic devices used in the laboratory stimulate the eyes and ears of the learners to acquire the language quickly and easily.